Ambitious project in Great Britain: the government wants to increase the number of e-car charging stations tenfold by 2030

From 2030 onwards, no new combustion engines will be allowed to be registered in Great Britain, so the number of newly registered electric cars on the island’s roads is already increasing. What cannot keep up with this, however, is the charging station infrastructure. After clear criticism from the auto industry, the government now wants to counter the problem with a comprehensive investment program.

As reported by the “Guardian”, among others, a total of around 300,000 charging points should be in operation by 2030. To classify: According to the report, at the beginning of March there were just around 29,600 pieces. The target is no less than a tenfold increase, for which London is now providing an additional £450m (€540m) on top of investment from the likes of BP and others.

As of the end of February, around 420,000 purely electric cars were registered in Great Britain. In addition, there are more than 780,000 plug-in vehicles. According to the industry association SMMT, e-cars accounted for 18 percent of all new registrations in February. (mer)

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