An algorithm identifies people based on their heart rate

Each person has a different fingerprint, although someone can also be identified by capturing the image of the iris of the eye, by voice, by face or even by heart rate.

An algorithm, born from a study conducted from the Carlos III University of Madrid in collaboration with Iran’s Shahid Rajaee Teachers’ Training University, it is able to use the heartbeat to identify any person.

Advances in biometrics do not stop, they are very useful in the field of security, and little by little they are being incorporated into our daily lives. Today we use the fingerprints to unlock the mobile, tomorrow the watch may know who we are only by analyzing our heart rate.

The algorithm uses several variables of an electrocardiogram, such as dynamics, rhythm, timbre, pitch and tonality, variables used in the world of music. With these parameters it is possible to verify that each person has their own combination, a unique cardiac imprint, or almost, since it boasts an accuracy rate of 96.6%.

Although using the heartbeat to identify someone is not something new, in this case they do it with the ECG recording, a temporary signal, as if it were a sound wave. This sound wave is analyzed as if it were music, a biosignal that can be studied and obtained at a very low cost and non-invasively (it could be obtained with smart bracelets and watches).

In fact, they comment that a smart watch would only have to use an application with its identification algorithm so that it could identify us correctly.

They still have to refine the theme before launching it to the market, since they have to analyze how it changes depending on the activity of the person, lest the clock think that we are another person just because we have started running or have been stressed in the job.

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