Anno, a tool to comment on parts of videos and record notes

If you are working with the creation of a video, and you need the opinion of other people before publishing it on the Internet, pay attention because there is a new free tool that can help with the subject.

This is Anno, a new website with a curious name that allows you to upload a video and start making notes and comments in any part of it, being possible to copy a link to share with your contacts, who will see the notes made in each area.

We just have to get into and upload the desired video. When doing so, it asks for a username, but it is not necessary to register with a password or provide personal data.

Once uploaded, we will have access to a control panel from where we can select the desired part of the video, paint on it and write comments, as shown in this demo video:

When saving the video with the comments and editions, it will ask us for the email so that they notify us when someone else has made another comment, thus keeping the record of all the opinions made by the group.

Each edit and comment, whether it’s a line, square, or freehand drawing, can be put in for a specific amount of time, fading in or out as the video plays.

Without a doubt, it can be very useful to give a group opinion on a video and thus perfect the work, avoiding comments such as: “the hand that appears in the 50th second is better to remove it”, or “that person in the background is starring in the first minute of the video ».

The creators of Anno are the same ones who created modfy.videoa video editing tool that also promises to make a lot of noise in this sector.

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