Approval of the Tesla plant in Grünheide: environmental organizations file an objection

After opening the Teslafactory in Grünheide near Berlin, the dispute over the approval of the plant enters a new round. The Brandenburg Green League and Nabu have lodged an objection to the immission control permit with the State Office for the Environment (LfU). The environmentalists are demanding access to the entire administrative process, including the current application documents from the US electric car manufacturer for the plant.

The letter of objection was presented to the German Press Agency on Friday. “We want to understand the basis on which the approval notice for the plant came about,” said the managing director of the Green League Brandenburg, Michael Ganschow. The approval notice for the Tesla factory should also be presented unredacted.

Stop of construction requested until clarification

The State Office for the Environment had “delayed or refused” the submission of the application documents in the last few weeks, according to the environmental associations. They do not see themselves as being up to date with Tesla’s documents. This means that access to the files must now be enforced through appeals.

The environmentalists had repeatedly called for a halt to construction until questions about water requirements, wastewater treatment and how to deal with incidents had been clarified.

opening last week

After a good two years of construction, the group’s first European electric car factory was opened outside the gates of Berlin last Tuesday. The federal government and the state of Brandenburg are celebrating the project with investments of around five billion euros as a signal.

In a first phase, 12,000 employees will produce 500,000 cars a year. The factory is the most modern of Tesla’s five production sites in the US, China and now Germany. Tesla was only allowed to start when the necessary conditions from the approval of around two weeks ago were met. (dpa/mer)

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Overview of the Tesla factory in Grünheide

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