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BlitzWolf is a cool RGB laptop cooler at the BG Spring Fair

The main parts of the product made of metal are made, including the tray on which the laptop rests. This surface is full of tiny little holes under it 4, there is a small fanand behind a large grid in the middle the main fan. Fortunately, these are almost silent, and their speed can be adjusted in two steps, so you can use the turbo gear during a more machine-intensive game, while the weaker gear is enough while surfing the net.

The stand tiltable, its angle can be changed in 4 steps. The it is powered via a standard USB porthowever, the device itself has two USB ports, so it kind of as a distributor also function, so we can even charge our mobile from it.

There are two things that make this product really cool, one being the stand RGB lightingwhich is very cool in the dark and the other is that you have to add one phone case, in which our mobile phone can be stored. This can be attached to the stand, whichever side it is mounted on. It would only have been better if you had a wireless charger, but unfortunately it was left out, maybe an upgraded version will come out that already thinks about it.

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I started to play with tech since middle school. Smart phones, laptops and gadgets are all about my life. Besides, I am also a big fan of Star War. May the force be with you!

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