Chip shortage: Renault stops orders for electrified models

As of March 25, Renault has imposed a temporary freeze on orders for its models with electric and plug-in hybrid drives in Germany, according to dealer groups automobile week have confirmed. Among other things, the Mégane E-Tech is affected, which should come on the market in June. It is currently unclear when orders will be possible again.

The order freeze came as a surprise. Just a few days earlier, the French manufacturer had guaranteed that customers of its electric vehicles would receive the full government bonus.

Like other manufacturers, Renault is reacting to the current delivery problems, especially with semiconductors and cable harnesses. The already difficult situation has deteriorated further as a result of the Ukraine war. Another problem is the uncertain future of the e-car premium. The funding expires at the end of the year and it is not yet certain whether and to what extent it will be continued.

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