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Confirmed! Alfa Romeo will have a large SUV, above the Tonale and the Stelvio

Stelvio consolidated within the range and with the tone already arriving at the dealerships, it might seem that Alfa Romeo is already satisfied with its offer of SUVs. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And it is that in an interview granted to Autoweekthe CEO of the brand Jean-Philippe Learned has confirmed that they are working on a large vehicle which, in his words, will face “models like the BMW X5, X6 and 7 Series”. This new flagship will arrive in 2027 to close the Alfa SUV catalog from above.

The possible return of the Castello project

Alfa Romeo Kamal

Original sketch of the 2003 Alfa Romeo Kamal, which did not make it to production

Imparato is very clear about what he wants to do with the brand: “I haven’t talked about this with anyone yet,” he told the Dutch media, “but since we want to be the global premium brand the Stellantis and make ourselves known throughout the world, we want to introduce in the market a high-end SUV“.

And the clues about the new model They continue: “How we will shape it is another question, but above the D-segment model we will have an E-segment car with very high performance.”

Thus, in a single paragraph (in addition to confirming the continuity of the Giulia saloon) Imparato already drops that the greatest of Alfa will come with a generous ‘cuore sportivo’. A vague description but fits with that of the Castelloa large SUV project that the Italian firm has kept in the drawer for several years.

Not in vain, in 2017 rumors began to emerge that pointed to a future release that would be located above the Stelvio. Said model would have a body around the five meters long and a cabin for seven seats.

The mechanics would be the same as the Stelvio, highlighting a Quadrifoglio version with more than 500 hp. Unfortunately, the project was delayed until the news about it disappeared.

Now, although it is not confirmed that this model will be exactly like that nor bear that name, it is certain that it will exist and that it will do so as overall modelbringing the Alfa Romeo name to the Asian market as well.

This is what Imparato declares: “We are going for the segment with the most profits in the world, looking at models such as the BMW X5, X6 and 7 Series. It is a recent decision and with it we will be able to grow in markets like China“.

For now, the word of the current CEO of Alfa has been fulfilled with precision. The Tonale, which is already on the street after years of delay, is a good example. Now we will have to wait until 2027 to see if the BMW X5, the Mercedes-Benz GLE or the Audi Q7 have reason to worry.

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