Europe’s new law to curb the dominance of big technology

Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta… a handful of big technology companies have such great power that governments have spent years looking for a way to stop it.

Now European legislators have agreed to define new rules in the hope of achieving this.

In order to achieve fair markets, the Digital Markets Law (DMA) forces giants such as Google and Apple to open their services and platforms to other companies, preventing them from using their domain to eliminate the competition.

It has been Margrethe Vestager, EU antitrust chief, who has commented that what is wanted is to have a fair market, where there are no giants that prevent other companies, as well as consumers, from benefiting from competitive digital markets.

How it affects Apple

Among other things, Apple would be forced to accept third-party payment options in its app store, something that has already generated a lot of controversy in the past (remember the case of Apple Vs Epic Games).

Apple would also be forced to have less control over the iPhone, since users could delete Safari and other apps that today can’t be deleted.

Apple has commented that these rules would affect the security and privacy of its users.

How it affects Google

Google is also affected, since users will be able to choose a search engine on their Android mobile, as well as a map and browser app. Actually, the search engine is already an option that we see during the installation of many mobiles, but the idea is to expand that menu of options with other apps and on more devices.

Google believes that could reduce the innovation and choice available to Europeans.

How it affects Meta

The Facebook companies would also be affected, as the law wants messaging services to be interoperable with smaller competitors.

At the moment this law will only affect companies that have a value of more than 75,000 million euros with annual sales of 7,500 million euros and at least 45 million monthly users.

This law now has to be voted on in the European Parliament and among the ministers of the EU member states.

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