Filtered out! The new BMW X7 is going to have an even more controversial front, and we have hunted it with camouflage

BMW is developed the evolution of its SUV insignia, the mighty BMW X7. Surprised in test phases and with camouflage, his new physiognomy would have network filtering and we can see it without camouflage.

Beyond the new front of the BMW X7is also a first look without camouflage at what the new BMW Serie 7 and the new i7, its electric version.

The authenticity of this illustration is yet to be confirmed, but the staging is in accordance with BMW codes, and above all the evolutions of the vehicle correspond to what could already be guessed at some camouflaged prototypes. The large Bavarian SUV would significantly change its appearance.

A new and surely controversial front

Bmw X7 Photo Spy

The updated X7 will introduce dual headlight clusters. This provision is increasingly common in the sector, as is the case with Citroën or Hyundai. And apparently it will be part of the new aesthetic language of the brand.

Thus, we will see it in the new BMW 7 Series, which will be presented at the end of this spring, and the future BMW XM, whose advance we saw a few months ago as a concept car. In the upper blocks, the daytime running lights will be located, very fine, reminiscent of those of the XM. The lighthouses themselves will be located further down.

Bmw X7 Photo Spy lights

BMW has been toying with the idea of ​​separate dual headlamps for some time. One of the first concept cars to use them was the BMW 2002 Tribute of 2016. And it is that BMW wants to change its aesthetic language, considered conservative and prisoner of the grille of two kidneys. These new optical groups thus open up new possibilities.

Bmw X7 Photo Spy back

In addition to new headlights, the restyled BMW X7 will feature restyled bumpers, as well as a new light signature at the rear. The grille, however, will not really change.

In the cabin, it seems likely that we will find a curved double panel that brings together the digital instrument panel and a central touch screen. The new iDrive 8 will be the brains of the new infotainment system, as in the BMW iX. The current BMW X7 hit the market at the end of 2018, so its mid-life restyling should be introduced towards the end of this year.

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