FRIKAR, an electric bicycle that looks like a car

With the aim of innovating in the way we have to get around in cities, putting the best of ebikes with the safety of cars, he is making a new project that will see the light of day this year.

This is the new Podbike, the Podbike Frikar electric bicycle, a vehicle that is committed to aerodynamic efficiency, comfort and sustainability.

They have created a design with less air resistance than a racing bike while offering comfort and four wheels for better stability. It has lights and indicators and energy-absorbing crush zones, rollover protection and a safety belt, so that we are not afraid of possible blows caused by other vehicles.

It was designed for the Nordic climate, and is fully weather protected, with filtered cabin air and optional heating available.

It’s a bicycle, so you have to pedal to make it work, but it has a driverless mode that travels at 6 km/hour. They are already thinking about the autonomous future, although at the moment in a very limited way.

In e-bike mode it reaches a maximum of 25 km/h (pedaling with an assistant). No license or registration is needed, but you must always ride on bike lanes.

Its autonomy is 50 to 80 km per battery, but there is room for several batteries, which would make the bike heavier and more difficult to drive, of course. There is 160 liters of storage space behind the seat.

Going downhill your top speed would be 60km/h, you can’t go past that as automatic brakes are activated.

The dimensions are 2.3 m long and 84 cm wide, like a bike with a trailer.

Other options available (paid outside), are the windshield wiper, blower, child seat, tow bar for bike trailer, winter tires and more.

Its price is €6,249 (+VAT, shipping costs and optional equipment), and it allows people from 1.5 to a maximum of 2 meters.

With over 3,500 pre-orders, the expected delivery for new pre-orders is 2023.

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