Google Calendar takes appointment scheduling to new levels of Workspace

Google Calendar, Google’s popular calendar service, will begin rolling out its appointment scheduling pages feature to select new Google Workspace tiers after debuting for the first time, in the middle of June of last year, in Google Workspace Individual, aimed at individual small business owners.

As we mentioned, Google Workspace Individual is Google’s new solution, which has not yet celebrated its first anniversary, which allows small owners to acquire a more professional image and better serve the needs of their customers.

Appointment scheduling in the hands of more people thanks to Google

Starting now and over the next two weeks, it will also be rolling out to Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, and Education Plus customers, with no control being made available. to the administrators of these accounts.

Google specifies that can be used both internal use casessuch as making the availability known to a specific group, such as teachers to students so that they can book appointments for tutorials, or even for external use caseswhich will allow third parties, even without the need for a Google account, to book appointments according to existing availability.

In this last point, that of external uses, third parties will be able to access the enabled pages, which will have a web address of the type able to see the availabilities and establish their reservations on them.

Whether internally or externally, users will find the new appointment scheduling option on the floating button, being able to choose the most convenient time based on availability, with mechanisms to avoid time conflicts that require rescheduling appointments. .

In a maximum of 15 days it should be available for customers of the levels of Workspace aforementioned.

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