Google is building a new Nest Hub with a detachable tablet!

That’s some great news. Google is building a new Nest Hub with a detachable tablet.

Google is working on a new Nest Hub for 2022!

Google’s smart display range starts at €99.99 for the Nest Hub, 2nd gen. There is also one from 2019, Nest Hub Max. Google would like the larger display in the kitchen. Nest Hub Max doubles as a video conferencing device and has a 10-inch screen.

According to a source familiar with Google’s plans. Will the next Nest Smart Display have a detachable screen that you can use as a tablet? The tablet is attached to the speaker, so you end up with a conventional smart home device.

Google has spent the last few months adding more interface elements to the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. And there are many other indications that a tablet hybrid will appear. I think the idea is great.

Nevertheless, it is still premature to report more detailed information. Many questions about the implementation are still open. For example, what operating system the undocked tablet will work with. Google also has to come up with something about the price. Since the competition is a bit further there.

Would you buy such a Nest Hub? Or which system do you use at home? Write it in the comments.


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