Google Meet is updated to avoid distractions in video calls

Google Meet is adding a new update that is expanding the reach of one of its most popular features.

An option that will allow you to filter out background noise, such as the barking of the dog or the neighbor’s music. We tell you what this update is about and how you can use this feature.

So you can use noise cancellation in Google Meet

As the Google team mentions, it is expanding access to noise cancellation so that all attendees of a meeting in Meet can benefit from its potential.

And don’t worry, you won’t need to take any extra action or change any settings in Meet’s settings, but there are a few requirements to take into account to take advantage of this update.

For example, this dynamic noise cancellation will work if the organizer’s Google Workspace edition supports this feature. In this case, it won’t matter if the host is using noise cancellation or not, as long as it supports it. Another scenario where this feature will be possible is if you are using one of the Google Meet hardware devices.

Recall that this function Google Meet filters out any noise that doesn’t sound like voices. So it is an essential tool to have a video call without strange background noise, but it will not help you if, for example, you need to pick up a musical instrument.

This is one of the many updates that Google Meet has released in recent months to improve the dynamics of video calls. One of the latest features launched by Google Meet makes it easier to detect connection problems to improve the quality of video callsas we told you in a previous article.

And in addition, it has added the live translated subtitles both in its web and mobile version to facilitate communication in international groups.

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