HBO Max introduces limited shuffle feature

HBO Max, one of Netflix’s most direct rivals, has just added an interesting feature for all those times when you don’t know what to choose to watch. This is the random playback function, although its arrival is very limited compared to what Netflix has been offering for months.

On the one hand, random play sticks exclusively to a short list of contentsso that it will play an episode randomly from the content you choose, and not from a favorites list or based on viewing history as is the case with Netflix.

On the other hand, the feature is coming to the desktop web version for the time beingthis being an impractical aspect because Netflix It offers it on all its platforms, including its application for smart TVs.

Helping to choose something to watch

In addition, it should be noted that the list of programs compatible with the new function for Spain is much shorter than the list of compatible programs for the United States, reaching in this case around 45 supported programs.

And it is that this function is beginning to arrive from today to all the subscribers that this platform has at a global level.

In any case, and since there is no doubt that this release also has a lot to do with the user pressurethere is the possibility that it will expand over time, given that the comparisons with Netflix are more than evident, tipping the balance in favor of the latter.

In addition to Netflix, platforms like Amazon’s Prime Video and Hulu, among other video-on-demand streaming platforms, have also been offering a similar shuffle feature for those hesitant to choose something in particular.

It will be a matter of waiting until HBO Max decide to expand the function to reach not only more programs but also more platforms, and based on more variables, being the most logical thing that it would have also reached the application for smart televisions, which is where content is best enjoyed, without the need to resort to a web browser, which in the case of smart TVs, is not usually the most practical.

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