iPhone subscription: Apple devices will soon be available for a monthly mini price


As Bloomberg has learned, Apple will soon be offering a subscription model for iPhones and other devices. Instead of spending thousands of euros on hardware, a much smaller amount is due each month.

In addition to the iPhone, Apple should also offer other hardware as a subscription.

In addition to the iPhone, Apple should also offer other hardware as a subscription. (Source: Apple)

  • Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman is known for his well-informed Apple sources.
  • Now he has learned about Apple’s plans to introduce a subscription model for the iPhone – and later also for MacBooks and the like.
  • The subscription could be linked to Apple services such as Apple One or AppleCare.

A new iPhone can quickly cost 1,000 euros and more. For many customers, it could sound tempting to instead put small amounts on the table every month for the use of new hardware. These considerations drive according to one Bloomberg report also Apple around.

How exactly this will look like in practice has not yet been leaked. It should not be a classic installment purchase. But whether the hardware becomes your property at the end of the subscription period, or whether Apple will exchange them for new models is open.

It is conceivable that Apple will introduce the subscription service Apple One couples. The manufacturer has so far bundled digital services such as Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+ – and maybe soon hardware too.

According to Bloomberg, the subscription model should not be long in coming. Eventually Apple will do it together with that iPhone 14 introduce. It should be next year at the latest.

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