it invests more in research than anyone else and doesn’t spend a dollar on advertising

Whether you like Elon Musk’s electric cars or not, you have to recognize how Tesla is a real loose cannon in the automotive sector. A unique and crazy splinter that can apply an extraordinary strategy: invest heavily in research and development and very little in advertising, practically zero.

Tesla is in fact the car manufacturer that, in relation to the units sold, invests more than anyone else in research and development (R&D), as well as at the same time it can afford not to invest even a dollar in advertising, something that no other competitor at the moment is able or would be able to do. Obviously all this while still selling hundreds of thousands of electric cars every year.

To say it is a new report from extraaccording to which for every car sold Tesla would have invested $ 2,984 in R&D in 2020, spending 0 on advertising. We can’t say the same about Ford, which spent $ 1,186 per car sold and $ 468 in advertising on R&D. Toyota invested $ 1,063 in research and development for every car sold, $ 454 in advertising.

With GM and Chrysler the figures are even lower, as you can see from the graph below. In fact, Tesla stands investing in research and development more than Ford and GM put together, as Elon Musk himself pointed out to President Joe Biden. The investments of the Californian giant do not stop in the United States as we all know, there is a huge Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai and last March 22, 2022 was Tesla’s new Giga Berlin officially inauguratedthe company’s first European plant that will supply European markets.

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