Joby returns to the market, ready for the world of air taxis

A few months ago Joby had to stop production after one of its two eVTOL prototypes crashed. His goal right now is to get FAA certification, and the accident didn’t make that any easier.

Joby voluntarily stopped test flights with their second prototype, but have now returned to work as investigations into the accident continue.

The second prototype has already made 38 flights in total, at speeds of up to 140 km/h. They have managed to fly around 10,000 km/h generating 65 terabytes of flight test data, with an average range of around 200 km.

As far as the certificate is concerned, they have reached stage 4 of 5 as an Air Carrier, a lot of bureaucracy with processes, training manuals, maintenance and operations that will allow Joby to operate its own air taxi service, scheduled to start in 2024. expects to have this certificate by the end of the year.

They have also managed to live up to aerospace standards, but need to close the red tape to get the proper certificates.

They are now working on cabin safety, which includes the integrity of the materials, seats and occupant restraint systems, something they will make progress on in the coming months.

Its staff has grown to more than 1,000 employees, 100 of whom are certification specialists, and it has $1.3 billion to continue advancing clean and fast transport in cities, although everything seems to indicate that it will not be especially cheap.

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