Microplastics have been found in human blood for the first time

Plastic circulating in our blood. What many feared is already happening.

A published study en Environment International indicates that there are already microplastic contaminants inside humans, a conclusion that has been reached by researchers dedicated to looking for that contaminant in human tissues.

The study originates from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University Medical Center, where they analyzed blood samples from 22 healthy anonymous donors for traces of synthetic polymers. The search wanted to identify traces more than 700 nanometers wide.

They found various species of plastic in 17 of the samples, including polyethylene terephthalate (PET), widely used in clothing and beverage bottles, and styrene polymers, used in vehicle parts, carpets and food containers.

For every milliliter of blood, 1.6 micrograms of plastic material was found, but in some cases 7 micrograms were found in the same amount of blood.

It is not yet known what effects this may have on our health, but it is clear that the body is unable to absorb large particles, about 100 micrometers. Yes, there are animal studies with worrying effects, but it is not possible to interpret it in the context of human health.

The problem is that the plastic waste reaching the ocean will double by 2040, so we are far from overcoming this problem. It is feared that at some point the line will be crossed and we will begin to ingest poison in the form of microplastics that are difficult to eliminate in sewage treatment plants.

At the moment the research continues, analyzing when the plastic floats freely in the plasma or is swallowed by white blood cells as the invader that it is.

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