“Our investment would be bigger than Tesla’s in Berlin”

The relationship between Spain and the Volkswagen Group He is going through one of his best moments. After confirming the establishment of its next battery gigafactory in Saguntothe president of the consortium Herbert Diess wanted to thank the role that the Government has played in the process.

Through its personal twitter accountDiess described as “impressive” the efforts being made by the Executive for the electrification of the sector, giving therefore congratulations to the President of the Government Peter Sanchez.

Tesla is the mirror

SEAT Martorell Factory

Diess’s congratulations stems in turn from a tweet from Sánchez himselfthrough which the president welcomed the success of PERTE and the investment of the German group in our country: a total of €7 billion and a planned creation of 3,000 jobs.

In this regard, Diess amplifies his good words stating that said investment “would be bigger than Tesla’s in Brandenburg”, alluding unapologetically to the recent premiere of the production of the Model Y in the plant that the Americans own in Berlin.

And it is that the fact that its biggest rival in the electric car market invests €5 billion to build its European base in the heart of germany (with a party starring Elon Musk included) does not seem to have gone down well with local manufacturers, who are quickening their pace, throwing all their industrial and economic muscle.

As far as the Volkswagen Group is concerned, Diess is clear that Spain will be a essential piece in your strategyso much so as to become “the European champion of electric mobility in the segment of the compact car“.

The group’s plan has as its first point to centralize in our country the manufacture of its next urban electric linewhich will be made up of Volkswagen ID.2a CUPRA model (presumably developed from the Urban Rebel concept) and a third model for Skodarecently confirmed by the CEO of the Czech firm.

Likewise, in addition to the investment in Sagunto, the Volkswagen Group will dedicate another 3,000 million euros to the modernization and electrification of the Pamplona and Martorell plants, promoting in the latter the development of future electric models in its R&D facilities.

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