Pixel 6a may come in May, Pixel Watch may slide into October

There will definitely be hardware on Google I / On, it’s just a matter of what.


May 11-12 holds Google’s developer conference, during which, in addition to the latest version of Android, the company will also present hardware if it follows the practice of recent years. But it is still questionable what this hardware will be? Rumors and renderings were previously a Google Pixel 6aas well as the Google Pixel Watch smartwatch.

Side by side Pixel Watch and Pixel 6 in an earlier rendering.
Side by side Pixel Watch and Pixel 6 in an earlier rendering. [+]

A GSMArena however, according to the latter, it is necessary to wait until October, although several pictures have been published recently about what Wear OS 3 will look like on Google’s own smartphone. The paper refers to John Prosser for information that the smartwatch is top notch Pixel 7-ek will come next in October, with only the Pixel 6a on stage, which Google plans to launch from July 28th. We have written about the phone several times before, Google Pixel 6 with a design reminiscent of a 6.2-inch OLED display, Tensor chip, but the Sony IMX363 and IMX355 12-megapixel widescreen and ultra-wide-angle camera sensors used by older Pixels.

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