Red Notice director wants to tackle Voltron

The director of Red Notice is working on a remake of the famous 80s cartoon. Several studios are vying for the rights.

Rawson Marshall Thurber already has a new project in mind. Whereas Red Notice was recently offered two sequels, the filmmaker is already working on another blockbuster. The one to whom we also owe Skyscraper and Almost Secret Agentsis said to be developing a remake of Voltroniconic cartoon from the 80s.

The filmmaker will be invested behind the camera, but also in writing the script. According to sources familiar with the matter, several studios are already battling to acquire the exploitation rights. Among the competitors in the running, we find, unsurprisingly, Warner BrosUniversal, but also Amazon.

Netflix, which had already dedicated a series to the character and produced Rawson Marshall Thurber’s latest film, is obviously not interested in the project. An agreement could be reached by the end of the weekend according to information from The Hollywood Reporter. We should therefore learn more in the coming days.

A long-time desire

Voltron followed the adventures of five pilots in a battalion called the Robot Lions, which are vehicles that unite to form a gigantic robot known as Voltron. The series produced by Toei Animation was broadcast in France on Antenne 2 in 1988.

This is not the first time that Hollywood has tried to bring the saga to the big screen. Projects of the genre began to hatch in the early 2000s, but none had until then succeeded.

This time, it’s obviously the right one. It remains to be seen when it will be possible to discover it in the cinema. Rawson Mashall Thurber already has many projects on the go, starting with the sequels to Red Notice.

Real cardboard on Netflix, the film featuring Ryan ReynoldsDwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, quickly took first place in the ranking of the most popular films on the platform.

The latter will probably not want to drag too long before starting the sequel, to prevent the wait from falling like a soufflé. Especially since two new opuses are on the program, shot one after the other. Since the start of filming has not yet been set, it is still very difficult to know who Voltron Where Red Notice will have priority.

We nevertheless imagine that this remake being still at an embryonic stage, no actor has been officially recruited, Voltron won’t hit our screens right away.

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