soon a subscription to have the latest iPhone?

The Cupertino company would consider setting up a subscription system for the iPhone. It would join the service offer offered by Apple.

What if you bought your iPhone on subscription? This is what Apple could soon offer, if we are to believe Mark Gurman. The Bloomberg journalist, generally well informed, ensures that Apple is working on a subscription system to acquire an iPhone. Other Apple-branded products would be affected by this system, which is akin to a kind of leasing, also called leasing. The subscription would include the payment of a royalty and would allow the American giant to generate even more income.

On the user side, the formula would avoid having to spend a large sum at once. It can also make it possible to change smartphones more frequently and obtain the latest model launched by the brand. However, this scheme implies that the customer does not own his device. If Apple is inspired by leasing, it cannot be ruled out that the manufacturer offers several options at the end of the contract. The first is to return the property, but it could also be possible to acquire it for a pre-defined amount. Finally, Apple could offer the possibility of renewing the contract at a more affordable price for an old model… or encourage you to switch to a new iPhone.

This subscription system would be part of Apple’s strategy of focusing on services. The iPhone remains the brand’s flagship product, but the latter manages to diversify with its various services. The process of buying an iPhone or iPad would also be comparable to the subscription model proposed for iCloud or Apple Music. It would also be possible to acquire an iPhone on subscription using its Apple ID and via the App Store.

Apple wants to continue betting on services

Still according to Mark Gurman, there is a possibility that Apple will offer packages combining hardware and service. Currently, the firm has an all-in-one Apple One subscription which brings together up to five services (Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, iCloud+ and Fitness+). It is also possible, if the information is true, that the new offer revolves around the Apple Care guarantee.

As it stands, the terms remain unclear and Apple could take its time before proposing such a formula. Moreover, the firm would not be content to divide the price of the device by 12 or 24 to define a monthly rate. This type of formula could first appear, like the Apple Card, in the United States before arriving in our regions. No date is currently known.

In any case, there is no doubt that Apple will continue to expand its service offering in the coming months.

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