the Apple monitor is a real giant iPad

Announced during the keynote by Apple, the Studio Display is not a monitor like the others. It has features worthy of an iPad. Explanations.

Apple made an impression during its keynote by presenting the Mac Studio, as well as the Studio Display. This 27-inch screen displaying a 5K definition marks manufacturer’s return in the monitor market. Very high-end, it is “relatively” affordable with regard to these characteristics and contains many surprises. From its presentation, the Studio Display showed that it was not quite like the others. Indeed, it is almost as good as recent iPhone or iPad in terms of equipment.

We know since its announcement during the Peek Performances that it is equipped with an A13 Bionic chip. The latter made the heyday of the iPhone 11 before landing in a screen. The ninth generation iPad, launched in September 2021, also embeds this SoC which still offers good performance.

A13 Bionic, 64 GB of storage, iOS: the Studio Display has the characteristics of an iPad

Shortly after its announcement, we also learned that the Studio Display has something in common with the iPhone. He works under iOS 15.4 and embeds a 64 GB storage module. A significant amount that raises questions given that the screen only uses 2 GB for its operating system. The developer Khaos Tian is at the origin of this discovery while Apple does not mention the storage of its screen in the technical characteristics.

Taken together, these elements tend to confirm that the Studio Display has the same equipment as an iOS device. The only unknown remains the RAM, but given its proximity to the iPhone 11 or the iPad 2021; we would not be surprised to see it carry 3 or 4 GB of RAM.

Apple says the A13 Bionic chip drives the display’s camera and six-speaker system. This is what is called upon when using the “Centered frame” function; allowing the Studio Display’s webcam to follow the movements. When a Mac is plugged in, the A13 Bionic chip also provides support for “Hey Siri” to trigger the voice assistant.

These functions, even if they are practical, do not require the presence of such a powerful microprocessor. Technically, however, the Studio Display is more powerful than an Apple TV 4K (A12 Bionic). Coupled with its amount of storage of 64 GB and the presence of iOS, it could therefore offer many features. However, Apple strongly limits the possibilities of its new monitor. But then, why does the Apple brand offer so much power and storage in the Studio Display?

Why does the Studio Display have such equipment?

On a technical level, it is possible that the presence of the A13 Bionic requires having a certain amount of minimum storage. Devices with this chip all have at least 64 GB, which may explain why the monitor also has this capacity. Even theiPad 9 has 64 GB of storage, compared to 32 GB for the iPad 8 with an A12 chip.

The other option is that the Cupertino giant simply wanted to save money. Almost all of the devices in Apple’s catalog offer at least 64 GB. It was perhaps more economical for Apple to offer a memory module of this quantity.

Finally, the most optimistic hope that Apple will take advantage of this technical basis to upgrade its screen. Like an iOS device, it can receive updates and seems able to run the operating system; iPad or even turn into a TV with tvOS. However, the Studio Display does not have a touch screen and was not designed for these uses.

Studio Display at the best price Base price: €1,749

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