the film will go well over the two-hour mark

The longer the better. Marvel intends to apply this adage to the letter with its next film. Doctor Strange 2 should last just under 2.5 hours.

While Sony relies on tight formats, 1 h 50 for Morbius and 1 h 37 for Venom 2, Marvel is not afraid to play extra time at Disney. With a solid reputation in the genre, the MCU offers films blithely passing the bar of two hours, to flirt with that of three. Avengers : Endgame even took the plunge with its record duration of 3 hours and three minutes.

As one might suspect, Doctor Strange will follow the same path according to Comicbook. The American media has indeed spotted in the programming of Brazilian cinemas that the duration of the film was going to approach that of Spider-Man : No Way Home. It might as well last 148 minutes, not including post-credits scenes which will no doubt be offered in the middle and at the end of the credits. 2h28 of pure Marvel product, a godsend for the fans, but probably a little less for the charitable souls who will agree to accompany them.

This duration does not allow him to exceed The Eternalsposted at 1:38. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness nevertheless sits among the longest Marvel films. The longer the better ? As a reminder, the first film directed by Scott Derrickson was just under two hours.

Marvel opens the doors to the multiverse

It must be said that Sam Raimi has things to say, he explores after all the mazes of the multiverse. The plot takes us some time after the events of Spider-Man : No Way Home, as the fate of Stephen Strange has weakened the boundaries between different realities.

Doctor Strange will thus have to face one of the most powerful enemies: himself. He can count on Wanda Maximoff to help him in his business. He will undoubtedly cross paths with other characters well known to spectators, but also with alternative versions of the figureheads of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is rumored, for example, that Tom Cruise could play an alternative version of Iron Man. A nice nod since it had long been considered to camp Tony Stark, before Marvel’s choice fell on Robert Downey Jr.

A complicated development according to Cumberbatch

The arrival of Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness in our theaters did not go smoothly. The pandemic has obviously impacted development according to Benedict Cumberbatch. He recently told Deadline:

“It was difficult. I will be honest with you. He had quite a career in this film. Trying to make a movie like this under the constraints of a pandemic and delays in part because of The Power of the Dog, it was hard on everyone. But it was still enjoyable, and no less enjoyable than the first one”.

See you next May 4 at the cinema to discover Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

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