The Government changes its position and will meet this afternoon with the truckers to try to end the stoppages

Today the transport sector has demonstrated in Madrid. The National Platform in Defense of the Transport Sector (Platform) has mobilized truck drivers from all over Spain on the twelfth day of strikes in a demonstration that has walked the central Paseo de la Castellana from 10:00 until reaching the doors of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

The latest mobilizations have achieved a breakthrough in the situation. The Government has changed its mind and has decided to meet with Platform to try to find a solution to the mobilizations and restore normality in the transport sector.

An agreement that is still insufficient for Platform

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Behind the agreement signed this morning with the National Committee for Road Transport (CNTC) with the Government in which a dense battery of measures is collected, the National Platform in Defense of the Transport Sector decided not to call off the demonstration from this morning.

The result has been a change of position, getting the Government to listen to their claims and sit them down at the table in a meeting scheduled for this afternoon at 17:00.

On one hand will attend Rachel Sanchez as Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and on the other hand the National Platform in Defense of the Transport Sector with Manuel Hernandez in front.


Platform asserted in a statement this morning that “let’s move on until we get them to sit down with us and start talking about the real transport problems”, although the Government-CNTC agreement includes the first point in claims Platform “prohibition by law of payment below operating costs” with the application of the principles of the Food Chain Law.

Before July 31, the MITMA will present to the CNTC a bill text to apply to the road freight transport sector the principles of the law of the food chain to ensure a fair use of subcontracting and the profitability of the work.

From the Government they assure that they are convinced that the situation will be resolved when both parties sit down and explain the points of the agreement, and has asked the carriers to end the stoppages.

Hernandez, for his part, assured that “what was agreed upon in the Ministry [con CNTC] not enough to call off the strike. You have to talk about the real issues.”

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