The Holidays Turn Horror With Alex Garland’s New Movie

The director of Ex Machina returns with a new feature film that takes us to the heart of a stay in the direction of horror.

With Ex Machina, Alex Garland has earned a solid reputation in genre cinema. The filmmaker will this time make an incursion on the side of horror with Men slated for theaters June 1. Produced by A24, a reference in the sector, the film offers a squeaky first trailer.

We find Harper, a young woman who, after a personal tragedy, decides to treat herself to a stay in the beautiful English countryside. But someone or something in the surrounding woods seems to be stalking her. This Eden will thus become her worst nightmare, while she is haunted by her darkest memories and fears. She probably should have looked at the Tripadvisor reviews before booking…

Jessie Buckley is having a bad vacation

To portray the main character, Alex Garland recruits Jessie Buckley. Oscar nominee for her performance in The Lost Daughter, the actress is not at her first attempt in the genre. She had played in I just want to enda thriller as confusing as it is hard-hitting in which she gave the reply to Toni Collette and Jesse Plemons.

In Menshe will cross paths with Rory Kinnear (Black Mirror) and not just once. The actor obviously takes on several roles, he also made up his face for the occasion. An Airbnb host, a policeman and then a child, the actor has a rich score to which he will have to pay tribute.

Moreover, we can see Paapa Essiedu that we had discovered in the excellent series I May Destroy You. The latter plays the deceased husband of the main character, who should thus haunt her throughout the story.

A tight cast therefore for what promises to be a beautiful cinematographic UFO. As we said above, it will not be necessary to wait very long before being able to discover Men on the big screen.

The rendezvous in this horrific Garden of Eden is scheduled for June 1 next in France, a few days after the American release scheduled for May 20. It remains to be seen if the public will be conquered by the new cinematographic production of Alex Garland.

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