The novelties that we will see in the ProtonMail services in the short term

ProtonMail, the secure email service that tries to offer a range of services on the Internet as an alternative to those of the main technology companies, continues to advance its mission by improving the features it offers, both to those who have free accounts and also to those who They have payment accounts.

In a recently published review, they have announced some of the new features that users of this service will see in the short term. On the one hand they have announced that have begun to develop the official desktop client of their service for Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

And we say official because independently there is a desktop client called ElectronMail, which allows access to the inbox itself without the need to use Proton Bridge in a third-party client, or access it from the web as a web application or as a web application. progressive.

Logically, the best option is to use the official client, which, according to reports, will be developed under the Electron platform, although development is still in the early stages, so we will have to wait to find out the roadmap or the first official screenshots , before reaching the hands of users who want to be the first to try it.

In search of the de-googleization of the web

Much closer in time is the arrival of ProtonDrive to free accounts, being available for paid accounts since the end of 2020. Despite the arrival of free accounts to users, Proton’s file storage service will remain in beta.

A little later, by the end of this year, Proton will have its own ProtonDrive client, the alternative to Google Drive, for Windows, iOS and Android platforms. On the macOS platform, he points out that his client is in the development phase, and that “its beta launch is not expected until closer to the end of the year.”

And finally, there are also expansion plans for ProtonVPNits VPN service, which not only will have support for more services, but will also have more servers distributed around the world.

Also coming is faster BitTorrent support with port forwarding, better performance for games and video calls with the arrival of support for moderate NAT, native support for third-party WireGuard clients and routers, extensions for Chrome and Firefox, improved IP reputation, “meaning fewer instances of VPN detection and CAPTCHA,” and anti-hacking capabilities. enhanced censorship.

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