The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 will also arrive on March 31st

The new Bullets Wireless headset will make its international debut at the same time as the new smartphone.


OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z was released in 2020, which is 2018 Bullets Wirelesst was the manufacturer’s third attempt in the wireless headset market. TWS has been coming from OnePlus since then, but I seem to want to continue the line of Bluetooth headphones that many consider more suitable for sports.

A Bullets Wireless Z2 felépítése.
Structure of the Bullets Wireless Z2. (source: OnePlus) [+]

The Bullets Wireless Z2 will be available in black and blue (see opening image) and will have physical buttons on the right side of the neck strap to control playback and volume. As with previous models, the earphones will engage with magnets when not in use and will not sway around the user’s neck. The earphones will use a 12.4mm dynamic sound generator, and from the fact that the Indian product page onePlus plays the pun with bass, we can conclude that the deep will be the dominant.

A OnePlus Buds Pro új színe.
A new color for OnePlus Buds Pro. (source: OnePlus) [+]

On March 27, the manufacturer will share some information about the filling speed, on the 29th it will be presented on the water resistance of the product, and on the 31st, the pricing will be pulled off. In addition to the Bullets Wireless Z2 released last year and tested Buds Pro also gets a new release, but in the case of the latter it is not a new generation, it just means a new available color, which is already on display in China we could see.

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