the six-cylinder Hurricane engine, gasoline and 500 hp

Stellantis, like all manufacturers, multiplies the novelties for the future era of the electric car. Well, not quite. just submitted a new gasoline engine. It’s about a 6 cylinders in line baptized Hurricane.

Although in Europe we see Stellantis as the sum of Peugeot (the former PSA group) and Fiat (the former FCA), we tend to forget about the American branch of the group, Chrysler. And on the other side of the Atlantic, the path to electrification is not as drastic or mandatory as it is here. Which explains the arrival of the new Hurricane.

This new engine is a 6-cylinder in-line supercharged by two turbos and a 3.0 liter displacement. According to Chrysler, it provides a power similar to that of a V8 with, of course, fewer emissions (15% less, says the brand).

Similar power to a V8

Jeep Gradn Cherokee

The engine will be available in two power levels. The first will deliver a little more than 400 CV y ​​610 Nmwhile the second is capable of offering more than 500 hp and 644 Nm. And, thanks to supercharging, 90% of the engine’s torque is already available from 2,350 rpm and up to almost full speed.

This block is brand new, Chrysler started from a blank sheet for its design. The advantages of this 6-cylinder go beyond power. All engines of the family Hemi currently in production are based on a cast block design, so they are heavy, while this new block is aluminum. Thus, the 6 in line Hurricane weighs about 200 kg compared to 250 to 280 kg weighing the V8s of the group.

Stellantis Hurricane

Why create a new gasoline engine now, when the industry is moving towards electric cars? In the United States, the shift to electrification does not have a deadline, as in Europe. Therefore, the transition period will undoubtedly be much longer.

The Hurricane block was designed with electrification in mindwhether it’s for a classic hybrid or plug-in hybrid, but Stellantis wouldn’t say when those new hybrid models might be seen.

Will we see that block in a Jeep in Europe? The chances are slim, as it was designed for the US market, but there’s always a chance it could find its way into higher-end models like the Jeep Wrangler and especially in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, since it will only arrive in Europe as a plug-in hybrid. Of course, in principle it is not an engine that we will see in a European brand of the group.

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