UK car production: weakest February since 2009

The downward trend in British car production continues. The British car manufacturers and dealers association SMMT announced on Friday that production in the country fell by more than 40 percent in the past month compared to the same period last year. According to this, around 62,000 vehicles rolled off the assembly line in February.

It’s the weakest February since 2009 and the eighth consecutive month the industry has seen production fall. According to the SMMT report, the main reasons for this are the ongoing global shortage of semiconductors, which has partly led to production stops and the closure of a Honda plant in Swindon, England, last summer.

Russia sanctions are having an impact

According to the SMMT, the war in Ukraine is also having a negative impact on the industry. Many important raw materials such as aluminium, palladium and nickel, which are needed for the production of electric car batteries, are sourced from Russia. Although the industry supports the sanctions imposed on Moscow, they bring additional challenges.

The British automotive industry is undergoing the biggest conversion in 100 years with the change to electromobility, said SMMT boss Mike Hawes according to the announcement. The proportion of electric cars and hybrids in British production is now a good quarter. The British government announced on Friday that there should be 300,000 charging stations for electric vehicles in the country by 2030, ten times the current number. The government wants to support this with a £500m funding programme. (dpa/swi)

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