what series and films will we discover in april?

The platform will broadcast the second season of Lol: Qui Rit, Sort as well as a science fiction series called Outer Range.

This month, Amazon Prime Video take advantage of April 1 to unveil the second season Lol : who laughs, comes out! On the series side, the platform will launch Outer Range which promises to take us on an adventure in the Wyoming wilderness. It will also be possible to discover The Contractoraction movie starring Chris Pine in the lead role. Double dose de Chris Pine moreover, since it will also be on the bill of The Knife by the Bladea spy film about two agents who remember their good years, but also the bad memories linked to the Flight 127 hostage-taking.

Discover the full program:


  • Lol: Who Laughs, Comes Out (season 2) – April 1
  • Chicago Fire (season 1 to 7) – April 1
  • L’Internat : The Summits (season 2) – April 1
  • Wolf Like Me (season 1) – April 1

Gary struggles to support his daughter since the tragic death of his partner. But when he meets Mary, his life will turn upside down. The latter hides a dark secret, and the universe chose to bring these two together for a good reason…

  • Outer Range (season 1) – April 1

Outer Ranger follows Royal Abbott, a rancher who fights for his land and his family. In the heart of the Wyoming wilderness, this family saga tinged with irony and mystery, will follow the appearance of a mysterious black hole in the Abbott pasture. This supernatural event will have serious consequences.

  • Bang Bang Baby (season 1) – April 28
  • La Unidad – anti-terrorist unit (Season 2) – April 29


  • Blair Witch -April 1st
  • Expendables: Special Unit – April 1st
  • Expendables 2 – April 1st
  • Expendables 3 – April 1st
  • The BGG – April 1st
  • My Little Pony : le film – April 1st
  • Texas Chainsaw 3D – April 1st
  • In the skin of John Malkovich – April 1st
  • Jeepers Creepers: The Devil’s Song – April 1st
  • Prince of Texas – April 1st
  • Under the same roof – April 1st
  • A life between two oceans – April 1st
  • The Contractor – 4 avril
  • Laura Pausini – 4 avril
  • The Knife by the Blade – 8 avril
  • Pet Sematary – 10 avril
  • Wonder Park – 11 avril
  • Blood and tears – 18 avril
  • Breach – 25 avril
  • Inglorious Basterds – 26 avril
  • Fortress – 28 avril

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