YouTube prepares a new feature for collaborative broadcasts

The YouTube team is developing new features for live streaming.

On the Creator Insider channel, they shared a number of features they’re developing for live streams. We tell you what they are about.

New YouTube features for live streaming

YouTube is developing new features to power live streaming and give creators more choice. For example, the YouTube team gave a small preview of the feature Go Live Together.

This function will allow a youtuber to invite another to participate in their live broadcast. Apparently, it will be as easy as sending a link with the invitation for our friend or colleague to join our transmission.

And of course, the host will be able to monetize the broadcast and access all the statistics that YouTube provides for live videos.

Another feature will allow a creator to redirect their audience to another channel’s live stream. This can encourage cross-channel collaboration, as one creator can schedule, for example, other creators to send their audiences to one of their premieres. Or they could do a chain of live broadcasts between different youtubers.

On the other hand, they are also working on a new dynamic that will make it easier for users to send questions to creators during live broadcasts. Questions will be pinned to the top of the live chat so creators can see it, without having to scroll through user comments.

One of the features that is also under development will make it easier for users to find live streams. It is a red ring on the avatar that will indicate that the youtuber is in a live broadcast. So if you scroll through your feed of YouTube and you find this badge you will know that there is a direct without having to enter the channel of your favorite creator.

At the moment, all these functions are in development or in tests, so we will have to wait for more news in future updates.

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