A missile has hit the outskirts of the Saudi Arabian circuit during Formula 1 free practice

The Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is in serious danger. A ballistic missile would have hit the outskirts of the Jeddah circuit, specifically in a factory of the Aramco oil company that is located on the outskirts of the track. Formula 1 is monitoring the situation to make a decision.

Saudi Arabia is a country immersed in the civil war of its neighbors in Yemen and with an open conflict with the Houthis. The first information suggests that it would have been this Yemeni group that would have attacked the outskirts of the Formula 1 circuit while the first free practice sessions were being held.

The Houthis have reported the attack on an Aramco headquarters

Jeddah F1

Formula 1 was already warned that something like this could happen. The whole week before the event has been usual see missiles flying over the sky of Jeddah as part of the conflict that Saudi Arabia has with the Houthis. Now they will have to make a decision, but the day on the circuit for the moment continues.

As a sign of how close the attacked Aramco headquarters is to the circuit, suffice it to say that Max Verstappen in the final stretch of free practice he asked his team on the radio why he smelled burnt, worried if it was something from his car. Indeed, Red Bull has confirmed that it was not that. It was the missile.

Despite the situation, The day continued on the circuit with the Formula 2 qualifying session. With a few minutes to go, Race Direction has raised a strange red flag without anything having happened. The medical car went around the circuit once and returned to the pits without further explanation.

Some try to explain that a car’s transponder failed and that forced them to stop the entire session, but it seems that there may be something more shady behind it. Have training sessions had to be stopped to repel some type of attack with the anti-aircraft? At the moment nothing is official, only conjectures that run through the paddock.

Jeddah F1 2022

Altercations in Saudi Arabia during car events are nothing new. During the Formula E race a year ago the anti-aircraft had to intercept Houthi missiles, and in the past Dakar there was already a serious risk of cancellation due to car bomb explosion.

According to the Associated Press, the Houthis have already acknowledged responsibility for the attack to the Aramco refinery, as well as others that have occurred throughout the country. Saudi Arabia is now a state at war, but it seems that the Americanized Formula 1 is not interested in censoring the wars of the US allies.

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