an electric four-wheeler, between scooter and quad

Between scooter and quad, EZRaider has chosen not to choose! The Israeli manufacturer has developed an astonishing four-wheeled vehicle that is equally at home in town and off-road.

The new electric modes of transport do not stop at the bicycle or the scooter. Manufacturers do not lack imagination to create original vehicles that could impose themselves in our cities and elsewhere. EZRaider unveiled a concept that deserves a look and comes in three models.

For individuals and professionals

The EZRaider LW is the basic version of this four-wheeler that evokes both the quad and the scooter. It can carry up to 170 kg (pilot and cargo) at a speed of up to 40 km/h with its two 1,200 W motors, for a maximum range of 35 km. The vehicle benefits from a suspension mechanism specifically developed for it. It is intended for all uses: urban travel, tourism, off-road exploration…

The HD2 model is a little beefier (up to 175 kg of cargo) and fast (40 km/h), its autonomy is above all much greater: 80 km. EZRaider intends to offer it to companies specializing in security, for the agricultural sector or for first aid. Finally, the HD4 is a real 4 x 4 that can carry up to 200 kg, with the same characteristics as the HD2. You can even hitch a trailer to it.

In addition to the customers already targeted by the previous model, the HD4 will be able to find its place within the army and special forces needing to circulate on very difficult terrain. The prices of these vehicles start at 7,929 euros excluding tax, which puts them on the same level as used cars. But are cities ready to allow this type of four-wheeler on the streets?

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