Doctolib will have to be wary of Google’s ambitions in health

The health sector interests Google and the giant wants to help Internet users find a medical appointment, from its search engine. A function that could compete with Doctolib in France.

GAFAM’s appetite is insatiable and extends to many sectors, such as health. For years, the digital giants have been multiplying initiatives in this area. The pandemic has only accelerated their ambitions in this juicy market. Google is on the list and has big ambitions, especially in the United States. In its country of origin, Google is getting closer to the medical world with the aim of simplifying appointments with a doctor.

The Mountain View firm aims to display the slots available directly in the results obtained via its search engine. A new feature which is reminiscent of what Doctolib offers. The French service has taken on a new dimension with the health crisis to facilitate appointment booking with a health professional.

Google would be closer to what the French company offers, with a much more basic approach. Concretely, it is a question of displaying only the dates available when a user registers the name of a doctor via the search engine. A button would offer the possibility of making an appointment, by sending the Internet user to a third-party site to finalize his approach. The site of the hospital or health center would be requested in particular.

In the United States, Google is inspired (a little) by Doctolib

On his blog, Google details its approach and how it wants to integrate this solution. “When people have questions about their health, they often start on the Internet to find answers,” says the firm to justify its decision. Reserved for American users, the functionality is intended to be extended internationally and in particular in Europe. The arrival of Google in this segment could complicate Doctolib’s task, even if the two entities offer a different approach. The French company allows you to make an appointment from its platform, which will not be the case with Google.

However, the ambition of the American giant is to be watched closely. However, Google will have to convince Internet users to entrust certain medical data. For the time being, the company indicates that it is still “ in the early stages” deployment and continue to work with partners. Finally, the results cannot be put forward by advertisements, as explained by product manager Jackie De Jesse.

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