Due to high particulate matter pollution: Paris imposes extensive driving bans

The city of Paris has ordered extensive restrictions on car traffic for Saturday due to excessive air pollution. In the metropolitan area of ​​the French capital, there is a driving ban on environmentally harmful cars, the police prefecture announced on Friday.

Only cars with the appropriate environmental stickers are allowed to be on the road. A speed limit of 110 and 90 kilometers per hour has been issued for motorways and country roads. Increased fine dust pollution has been measured for two days, the reason given. Lille in northern France had already imposed restrictions on car traffic for the same reason on Friday.

Both in the north and in the capital, the police announced controls of the bans, violators face a fine of 68 euros. Fertilizer restrictions for agriculture have been imposed in the greater Paris area and the departments of Nord and Pas-de-Calais.

Outdoor fires were banned and the population warned against intensive outdoor sports. To encourage people to use public transport, an environmental ticket for unlimited travel for 3.80 euros is valid in the greater Paris area on Saturday. (dpa/os)

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