Google tests a new function in the search engine that will save you a lot of time

Google is testing a new feature in its search engine that will make it easier for users to book appointments with their doctors.

At the moment, the test is being carried out only in the United States, but it lets us see how Google plans to incorporate more health-related features into the search engine.

Google wants you to book appointments with your doctor from the search engine

The team of Google is testing a new feature in the search engine that aims to allow users to see the availability of appointments for certain health providers, and even book an appointment. That is, you go to Google and directly from the search engine you get an appointment for a doctor.

At the moment, this feature is in the early stages of testing so it is only limited to the United States and works in collaboration with some partners. For example, Minute Clinic, which is a division of CVS Health.

We can see an example of how this dynamic would work in the following image:

Just by typing the name of the health care provider in the search engine, Google It will show us a file with all the information we need to know about the team of professionals, types of reservations, available appointment dates and the option to start the reservation process.

So whether they need to go to a professional on the same day, get vaccinated or just have an annual check-up, users will be able to schedule an appointment directly from the search engine. And of course, it could also be useful if we are traveling in a foreign country and need to go to a medical center.

For now, this test is limited, but the Google team plans to roll it out to more users as it expands its network of healthcare provider partners to make this dynamic possible.

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