Hey Doc! This LEGO set to assemble the three DeLoreans from ‘Back to the Future’ costs 170 euros, and everything is cool

LEGO returns to the fray with a set with a luxury protagonist: The DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’also known as the classiest time machine on the big screen and that changed the history of this North American model forever.

yes, the mythical DeLorean DMC-12 that Doc saw fit to turn into a time traveler is once again available in a set from the Danish construction toy brand. And this time it has been overcome. Not in vain is it all a three in one, since it allows conceive the three DeLoreans from each of the movies of this saga directed by Robert Zemeckis.

will be released next April 1st, being available in physical stores as well as on the LEGO website. Although it will be necessary to prepare the portfolio, since its price is 169,99 euros.

Be that as it may, it adds to the latest LEGO movies with a car in the equation, as el Batmóvil de ‘The Batman’ or the Dodge Charger de ‘Fast & Furious’both from the LEGO Technic family.

Wait, Doc, you’re telling me I can build… all three DeLoreans?

DeLorean LEGO time machine 'Back to the Future' set 10300

This ‘Back to the Future’ time machine set is part of the Creator Expert line and consists of 1,872 pieces. Any of the three cars that can be sculpted with them are scale models. 35cm long12 cm high and 19 cm wide.

Thus, it allows assembling the DeLorean DMC-12 from the first moviewhich includes the lightning rod in the rear area to return to 1985 or the mythical fuel tank, for example plutonium, to feed the condenser of flow.

DeLorean LEGO time machine 'Back to the Future' set 10300

But also the one from ‘Back to the Future II’able to fly, with retractable wheels and the most advanced tank, or the one with the third installment in the Old Westwith red and white rims and a hood decorated with electronic parts.

Yes indeed, these three models cannot be built at the same time, since they share several pieces with each other. And it is that in essence it is the same car, but changing some seasonings.

DeLorean LEGO time machine 'Back to the Future' set 10300

The three share most of the structure, as well as for example the gull wing doorswhich are functional, or the flux capacitor inside, that is illuminated. The cabin is also the same in each of the replicas, with the legendary panel with the date it all started: October 26, 1985.

Beyond the DeLorean DMC-12, reproduced with the care that LEGO is used to, this set includes more surprises: the figures of Marty and Doc, who are characterized as in ‘Back to the Future II’, the flying pink hoverboard with which McFly was exhibited in a hypothetical 2015, a box of plutonium or fruit and various residues that also serve as fuel for the car.

DeLorean LEGO time machine 'Back to the Future' set 10300

In addition, the Model plates are interchangeable and one of them is the mythical Californian personalized with the phrase ‘Out at time’ that he wore in the first film.

In short, a set that surely will not lack suitors despite the 170 euros it costs. This set, code 10300is the third that LEGO releases with the DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’, so those who were left with the desire have a new opportunity.

DeLorean LEGO time machine 'Back to the Future' set 10300

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