How to set up Face ID on your iPhone and unlock it with the mask on

iOS 14.5, the most recent and updated version of said operating system, has brought with it many innovations and new tools that users have been waiting for a long time.

One of these most important novelties that arrived in the new update is the possibility of enable the Face ID function with a mask. This with the purpose that you can unlock your mobile device even if you have the mask on.

As it sounds, this is an option that will greatly facilitate the lives of users who have an iPhone, since they should not remove the mask or resort to entering your security pin or password to unlock your mobile.

For this new tool, your iPhone performs a more complete reading of your eye area, this being the most differential point that can be taken taking into account that you would have the rest of the face covered. Of course, Apple itself warns that it is best to do facial unlocking with your face completely uncovered, where the complete data of your face is obtained.

Arguably Face ID with a mask will last at least in the short and medium term, as long as the pandemic continues to affect the global health issue, since the mask-free function turns out to be naturally more accurate.

The performance of this new tool is quite good, or at least that has proven since the release of iOS 15.4, so if you are interested in activating this function on your iPhone mobile, you will have to follow the steps that we will show below.

How to set up Face ID with mask on your iPhone

It is in the window where Face ID with mask is configured

First of all, you should be aware of counting the iOS 15.4 update on your iPhone, in addition to taking into account that Face ID with a mask It is only available for mobiles after iPhone 12, Not to mention, iPads won’t be able to access this feature even if they have Face ID. With that said, here are the steps to follow:

– Enter the app Setting.
– Go to the tab Face ID and code.
– Enables toggle Face ID con mascarilla.
– Click on Use Face ID with a mask and allow your iPhone to re-scan your face. As indicated, you do not need to wear a mask for this, although if you wear glasses, you will have to take them off so that the mobile performs a complete and detailed reading of your eye area.

That would be all you have to do to activate Face ID with a mask on your iPhone, So tell us now, how has it worked for you, you can now unlock your mobile without a problem while you’re out on the street with your mask on?

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