Ikea: new column lamp is the first to support Spotify Tap

It is one of the latest additions to the Ikea store catalog and is the first lamp to support Spotify Tap.

It’s also equipped with Bluetooth to connect to all the high-tech paraphernalia around the house. Better: it is now available in Portugal for a cost of 59 euros.

Ikea Vappeby Bluetooth can be used not indoors or outdoors

Ikea Vappeby Bluetooth
Ikea Vappeby Bluetooth is now available in Portugal for 59 euros

It’s not the first Ikea product to combine utility with technology, but the new Ikea Vappeby Bluetooth lamp is the first to support Spotify Tap. Which means just tapping this lamp to access the popular music service once it’s set up.

As far as the utilitarian part of this gadget is concerned, it is a table lamp that can be used both inside and outside the house; and for that it brings with it a rechargeable battery, with USB Type-C port included, and IP65 water resistance.

But let’s go back to the high-tech part of the equipment, another advantage of Spotify Tap support is that by tapping the on/off button on this lamp, the last playlist of the service heard by the user is automatically resumed.

If you tap twice, a song is recommended, based on the user’s listening habits. Furthermore, the integrated Bluetooth technology allows the Vappeby lamp to be connected to a smartphone, tablet or any other device compatible with this wireless standard.

Ikea Symphonic: an alternative with integrated Wi-Fi

Ikea Symphonic
By connecting several Symfonisk lamps you can get a sound system

Another novelty in the Ikea catalog is the Symfonisk lamp, which is equipped with Wi-Fi technology. Thanks to this technology, several examples of this lamp can be connected together to create a sound system, tailored to the user, which also illuminates the spaces of the house.

The Symfonisk speaker/lamp allows listening to music or any other audio content from the user’s home network, as well as from streaming services. And if you have more than one of these devices, you can control the sound of all of them together or separately to hear the music louder, for example, in the living room.

The Ikea Symfonisk is also available in Portugal at a cost of 159 euros.

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