In the air! Suzuki partners with a Japanese company to design and build flying cars

For Suzuki, the future of cars is up in the air. And it is that the Japanese firm has just sealed a alliance with Skydrivea startup from the same country that is developing a prototype of flying car.

In a brief statement, both companies declare that they will study the possibility of collaborate in a large number of business areas related to this technology, from research and development to production or seeking markets outside of Japan.

A new form of air mobility

Founded in 2018, Skydrive is a company that seeks to solve congestion in large cities by displacing part from traffic to the air environment. For example, using drones to carry out last-mile freight transport.

But its star product is the SD-03. It is a small two-seater aircraft which can take off vertically and hover in the air thanks to the four pairs of propellers that it has in each corner, driven by electric motors.

The result is a means of private locomotion that is as fun to drive as a sports car and that allows rapid movements in the urban environment, away from pollution and traffic jams. A priori, your only impediment will be the air traffic laws of each country, which may require obtaining a license before to take flight.

At the moment, Skydrive’s intention is to have the vehicle ready for 2025. On that date, it will become one of the means of transportation available to visit the future Expo in Osaka.

Talking about flying cars may seem like a fantasy worthy of ‘Blade Runner’, but in reality it is something that has not only caught the attention of Suzuki. Other brands have also made investments in this new form of mobility: for example Hyundaithrough su filial Supernal.

Is this association the beginning of a saga of Suzukis with wings and rotors instead of wheels? Given its intentions and the brand’s predilection for urban vehicles (especially in Japan, where it offers a wide range of so-called ‘kei cars’), hopefully sooner or later, we’ll see something like that.

Photo | Skydrive

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