Internet box. This offer at -60% is a big carnage in France

If you are looking for an Internet box at a low price, the offers from RED by SFR and Bouygues Telecom will allow you to save money without skimping on the characteristics. Attention, the end of the discounts is coming soon.

If you’re tired of your ISP making money off your back, take the opportunity to change your internet box this weekend. Indeed, whether Bouygues Telecom or RED by SFR, the two players are promoting boxes with fiber at shock prices. We invite you to be quick because these flash formulas are already ending in a few days.

See the offer at RED by SFR

In case you are still hesitating to change your Internet box, know that the procedure is very simple. Whether at RED by SFR or Bouygues Telecom, you don’t need to devote more than ten minutes to this operation and everything happens online. Before you start, you must check on the two supplier sites if you are eligible for Fiber by entering your postal address.

RED by SFR, an Internet box without any commitment

If you are looking for a excellent internet box, you may be tempted by a non-binding formula that gives you complete freedom. In this case, it is on the side of RED by SFR that you have to turn to benefit from the best deal this weekend. This special offer already ends this Monday, March 28 in the evening.

RED by SFR’s unique Internet box drops to 23 euros per month for fiber with very high speed (1 Gb/s download and 500 Mb/s upload) with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles, 35 TV channels and 10 GB of cloud storage. In addition, the supplier offers you the first month: in other words, this value for money is unbeatable.

To discover the details of this box, it’s here:

See the offer at RED by SFR

By default, you will have 35 TV channels available only through an application. This will allow you to access these channels for free on all digital media but not on a television. Otherwise, you can always buy a Connect TV decoder at 29 euros (fixed cost) to watch these channels on your television set. It is possible to increase up to 100 TV channels if you add the option at 3 euros per month.

Given that the use of TV has been declining in recent years, this formula, which does not include a decoder by default, is welcome. Overall, for such a fast speed, the pricing offered by RED by SFR is exceptional. Again, it’s one of the few ISPs that doesn’t ask for a commitment from its customers. So you take no risk. Note that it covers up to 100 euros in costs if you cancel elsewhere.

Bouygues Telecom and its range of three boxes

If RED by SFR offers a single Internet box, its competitor Bouygues Telecom displays a range of three offers at variable prices. In this sense, everyone can find their way around according to their budget and expectations. Among these three formulas, one of them stands out this weekend: it is Bbox Fit.

The Bbox Fit is the most accessible Internet box in the range, its price is 15.99 euros per month for broadband fiber (300 Mb/s download and 200 Mb/s upload) with unlimited calls to landlines in France and more than 110 countries. This formula is simple and effective, it goes straight to the point and is very relevant if you don’t have a television.

To see the Bouygues Telecom Internet box, it’s here:

See the offer at Bouygues Telecom

The price of this Internet box is guaranteed by Bouygues Telecom for one year. After this period, the offer goes back to its basic rate of 29.99 euros per month. During the whole first year, you are therefore guaranteed excellent savings of -50% every month. The duration commitment being one year, you can completely leave the supplier when returning to the initial price. If this offer is the most accessible of the range, the two other formulas can also meet your expectations, here is the detail.

  • Bbox Must: 22.99 euros per month for one year for broadband fiber (1 Gb/s download and 400 Mb/s upload) with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and to landlines in more than 110 countries, 180 TV channels with a 4K decoder and a TV recorder with 100 hours
  • Bbox Ultym: 28.99 euros per month for one year for broadband fiber (2 Gb/s download and 600 Mb/s upload) with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, Europe and Switzerland and to landlines in more than 110 countries 180 TV channels with a 4K decoder and a TV recorder with 100 hours.

Note that the Bbox Ultym Internet box also includes a 100% turnkey installation and access to a service offered for three months (Salto, Cafein, Pleyo, etc.). If you want a premium package that lets you worry about nothing, this is the package for you. Regardless of the subscription you take out with Bouygues Telecom, you are guaranteed to benefit from the supplier’s excellent customer service and the possibility of going to the store if you have any questions.

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