Mick Schumacher has suffered a very strong lateral accident in Saudi Arabia and is taken to the hospital

The qualifying session of the Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has been stopped after the tremendous accident suffered by Mick Schumacher during Q2. The German driver crashed into the wall sideways in a high-speed corner completely destroying his Haas.

Schumacher was struggling to qualify for Q3 when five minutes from the end he lost control of his car. He collided sideways with the wall in a poorly protected area, completely destroying his car. Fortunately, Formula 1 confirms that he has been evacuated consciousbut they have taken him straight to the hospital.

The Haas has split in two when the stewards have tried to remove it

Mick Schumacher Arabia Saudi F1 2022

Schumacher’s accident was the second of a rough qualifying session in which Nicholas Latifi also crashed, in a much lesser way. Two interruptions that are greatly delaying historic training sessions, in which Lewis Hamilton has been eliminated in Q1.

Now the entire paddock is aware of the situation in which Schumacher is. To the son of the legendary Michael Schumacher they have taken him out of the car conscious and have initially transferred him to the medical center, although later they have taken him to the hospital to carry out all the pertinent medical check-ups.

Schumacher Jeddah F1 2022

The FOM has not even given a replay of the accident, but you can clearly see how Schumacher has lost the rear crashing sideways against the wall. Already destroyed, the car has rammed against the frontal protections, leaving them quite damaged. Now they have to repair them.

Car it has been so damaged that it has even split in two by the area of ​​the gearbox when the operators have tried to remove it from the track. It seems unlikely that Schumacher can take part in the race, both because of the injuries he may have and because of the damage to the car. Let’s hope that ‘Baby Schumi’ can recover soon.

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