More details about Xiaomi’s electric car

In the field of smartphones, Xiaomi has positioned itself as one of the most popular manufacturers, thanks to the quality and features present in its mobile devices, as well as its affordable prices.

However, since last year the company has been planning its foray into the automotive world with the development of his first electric caralthough the moment in which this would occur was unknown.

Now it seems that such an event could be close to happening in the course of this year. In that sense, Juo Baojungeneral manager of the regional branch of Xiaomi in Beijing and Tianjin, has said that the launch of Xiaomi Automobile’s electric car would take place in the third quarter of 2022, that is, between july and septemberalthough he did not specify an exact date for it.

However, one should not be very enthusiastic about this statement, since it is most likely that Xiaomi will make the presentation of a conceptual model prior to the production stagewhich will be done in 2024.

Likewise, it is said that this presentation will not necessarily represent showing the entire model in its final form, but simply a real-size model that serves as a visual guide to intuit the technology and design that will be incorporated into the electric car during the development stage. production.

In that sense, Xiaomi has said that it plans to launch four models of electric cars with specifications targeting different markets.

Although it is early to speculate about the approach that each of these models will have, what is known is that Xiaomi wants them to incorporate a level 2 and 3 autonomous driving technology. As for the price of these models of electric cars, they would be oscillating between 40 and 50 thousand euros.

As for the number of electric cars manufactured, Xiaomi plans to achieve a number of 150 thousand units per year in its first manufacturing phase. The production figure is expected to rise to 300,000 units later.

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