New free course on monetization and promotion of digital media

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas is launching a new MOOC for journalists and interested individuals, called “Entrepreneurial Journalism: How to Monetize and Promote Sustainable Digital Media.”

A course that is carried out with the support of the Google News Initiative and the Climate and Land Use Alliance, and in collaboration with SembraMedia and Ajor. The educational program for this course will be taught from April 11 to May 15. We tell you what it is about and how you can register to participate in this free online course.

Free online course for journalists

During 5 weeks, the program of this course will show how to turn a project into a sustainable journalistic enterprise. You will analyze, for example, different aspects to plan a journalistic project idea and how to create a business model using the Business Model Canvas.

Methodologies and tools will also be shown to analyze our audience on a website and different social platforms, as well as trends and ideas to develop new sources of income, among other content.

In this MOOC you will receive an overview of different topics with the aim of helping you in the areas in which we have found that media leaders have the greatest challenge.

The program combines video classes, weekly quizzes, exercises, and supplemental reading. Forums will also be opened to interact with the rest of the students or leave questions to the instructors.

Although each week there will be a class with its respective activities, the course is open to the possibility of being able to do it at our own pace. It will also have a live event where different digital media will share tips and business models.

The course is free and will be taught in Spanish and Portuguese. And in this edition, free certificates of completion will be given to students who meet the requirements.

To participate in this course, you only need to create an account on the platform Knight Center for Journalism and follow the instructions. Once you enter the platform, you will see the option to enroll in the course «Entrepreneurial journalism: how to monetize and promote sustainable digital media«.

You can see more information about the MOOC program in this link.

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