rebuild a Tesla Model 3 by planting six truck wheels and a diesel engine

Saving a car from the scrapyard, in addition to saving what it would take to build a new one from scratch, is quite an adventure. especially when the car to rescue it’s all a Tesla Model 3. But turning it into a diesel-guzzling monster is only up to a ‘spoiled’ mess.

But such is life Rich Ban American influencer and petrolhead who from his YouTube channel YouTube Rich Rebuilds constantly look for the most difficult yet. And he’s on it: straighten out a wrecked Model 3 and equip it with six wheelsmotorized thanks to heavy diesel mechanics.

A puzzle that defies logic

Getting a Tesla to burn fuel isn’t new to Rich. Not surprisingly, he has already successfully completed the conversion of a Model S con motor V8. However, on this occasion, the so-called ‘Model D’ you will hardly use the Model 3 as bodywork.

And it is that the idea of ​​the project is to settle said ‘carcass’ on the bed of a truckso that the resulting monster has certain offroad capabilities and strength to pull trailers.

But the puzzle does not end there: the engine (a Cummins BT4 coming from a Chevrolet boxcar) will be front-mounted and attached to two truck axles, including a later one with its double wheels. This is how the accounts work out to create a six-wheeled Tesla in total.

Tesla Model D

Foto: Rich Rebuilds

Obviously, as can be seen in the video, even completely straightening the chassis points of the damaged Tesla, the difference in length between both platforms is very remarkable. But for Rich and his colleagues the solution is clear: cut everything off or get in the way

Disassemble, cut and present pieces is the main action of the video, where there is also room for memes and even a curiosity that would make Elon Musk blush: passing a clip behind the dashboard, the electric opening glove box of Model 3 opens without the need for power.

A priori, building such a contraption seems an unacceptable madness. However, as the minutes of viewing pass, the classic garage atmosphere and camaraderie make it possible. After all, they just have to widen the panels, design new suspensions from scratch, find a transmission… And of course, then the invention start. It’s not that bad, right?

Photo | Rich Rebuilds (YouTube)

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