Sharp relies on autonomy and price for its two electric scooters

Sharp is in turn entering the electric scooter market, with two new vehicles that combine durability and performance. Products to consider for a future purchase!

Scooters certainly have their detractors, but this gentle mode of transport is an ideal and comfortable way for urban dwellers. Add an electric motor, and you get a vehicle that combines many advantages. Sharp wants to enter this very promising niche with two new products, the KS1AEUB and KS2AEUB. Not easy names to wear, but fortunately that’s not what we ask them!

Strong and durable vehicles

The chassis of the first model is made of aluminum, steel and ABS. The KS1AEUB is equipped with 8.5 inch honeycomb tires, its motor develops a power of 36V, and its battery has a capacity of 6.6 Ah. This gives the scooter a range of 25 km. The maximum load is around 120 kg, which is more than most other electric scooters on the market, which usually cap at 100 kg.

The KS2AEUB scooter is more powerful: of course, the motor is the same, but the battery capacity is greater (10.4 Ah), which allows the vehicle to travel 35 km. Note the presence of a USB port on the handlebars to charge a smartphone. This model is made of an aluminum and steel alloy, with the same maximum capacity (120 kg) as the first version. On the other hand, it incorporates larger 10-inch wheels. The weight of KS2AEUB is 18.8 kg, compared to 14.5 kg for the KS1AEUB.

Both scooters can be folded up to take home and charge up. Public prices are €449 for the first model, €599 for the second. Sharp has not forgotten the connected aspect: a dedicated application, Sharp Life, has been developed to accompany the launch of these two vehicles. It allows you to know the status of the battery, the distance traveled, the recorded routes.

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