Xiaomi has new MIJIA 630L refrigerator with impressive features

The portfolio of Xiaomi products for the home has been expanded with a new American-style refrigerator with noteworthy features and an extremely competitive price. nicknamed Xiaomi MIJIA 630L Refrigerator Ice Crystal Versionimmediately stands out for its metal finish and transparent glass covering its face.

The large capacity of this refrigerator, evident in its name – 630 L – makes this product ideal for a large and modern kitchen, with a total of 6 levels of shelves, metal construction and a front portion covered by transparent glass.

This is the new Xiaomi MIJIA 630L Refrigerator Ice Crystal Version

Xiaomi MIJIA 630L Refrigerator Ice Crystal Version

Firstly, we can contemplate the use of glass on the front panel, which gives the fridge a sophisticated look, albeit more subject to fingerprints and other dirt. However, in this special edition we will be able to see the inside of the fridge.

In this way, we will know stock, the amounts of food and other items to keep inside to make it easier to prepare for shopping trips, for example. According to Xiaomi, this finish was inspired by ice crystals.

Note that the entire structure is made of metal, with glass covering the front to give it a glossy finish. Underlying this is the dark gray metallic structure that gives it a calmer look.

Glass and metal finish for this Xiaomi fridge

MIJIA 630L Refrigerator Ice crystal version

Xiaomi sought to design a product whose surface looked like a single block of glass, without interruptions and for that the use of glass was fundamental. It should also be noted that it is only possible to see inside when we approach the fridge, according to the brand.

Furthermore, despite the greater propensity of glass to scratches and dirt, Xiaomi claims that this glass has been treated with an anti-scratch and anti-dirt finish, making cleaning easier and promising great durability for this new home product.

Xiaomi MIJIA 630L Refrigerator Ice Crystal Version

The Xiaomi MIJIA 630L Refrigerator Ice Crystal Version features a double door design, with the left side having 223L capacity for the upright freezer, while the fridge itself has 407L on the right side.

It features a total of 20 compartments for better space management, as well as 6 independent drawers for the freezer and refrigeration space.

The new refrigerator uses a compressor inverter gives Embraco, a world reference brand in the world of home appliances and, above all, in refrigeration solutions. Incidentally, the new Xiaomi product comes with a 10-year operating warranty.

The Xiaomi refrigerator has a 10-year warranty and low consumption

Xiaomi MIJIA 630L Refrigerator Ice Crystal Version

The product has a good energy rating when consuming as little as 0.95 kWh per day, as well as being silent with noise levels as low as 36 dB. To do this, it uses reinforced insulation to keep the cold inside and reduce noise.

In the upper part, we find an electronic LCD display, vertically, with the main information, such as temperature, hours, as well as the chosen refrigeration program, among other relevant data.

We also point out the presence of a UV sterilization module, as well as a module for removing odors from the refrigerator. In addition, it has 360 degree air circulation to cool evenly and minimize ice formation.

Finally, the new Xiaomi refrigerator is currently in the pre-sale phase in China, with the price starting at 3,499 Yuan, around 549 dollars or 499 euros. However, the usual retail price will be 4,299 Yuan, around 675 dollars or 615 euros.

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