Shortage of microchips will last for several years, according to ASML

Do not expect rapid improvement in the semiconductor industry. Production capacities in the supply chain are still struggling to return to their pre-health crisis level and this will continue for a while.

Companies that produce electronic chips have the greatest difficulty in meeting the needs of industry. The pandemic has deeply disrupted the sector, bringing factories to a halt: restarting activity is not as simple as pressing a button, even more so than before obtaining a processor from PlayStation 5 or a graphics card, there is also a whole supply chain turned upside down by the health crisis.

At least two years of shortage

Added to this is the demand from manufacturers: chips are of course essential in electronic devices, but also in many other everyday products, such as cars. Car manufacturers are integrating more and more of them, further adding to the difficulties of the whole chain.

ASML is less known than Intel or TSMC, but it is nevertheless a key player in the semiconductor sector since this company produces photolithography machines, essential for the production of electronic chips. Its vice-president, Peter Wennink, estimates that the shortage will continue for another at least two years “, he explains to the Financial Times.

This means that the scarcity of many devices like game consoles is not going to get any better. And that their prices will not go down, quite the contrary! ASML does not have the adequate infrastructure to build all the machine tools necessary to accelerate the production of electronic chips. Investments are being made to increase ASML’s capacity by 50%, but implementation takes time. And it will take another two years for the new machines to be delivered to customers.

For consumers, this means that the next few years will be complicated if we try to equip ourselves with the latest innovations. On the other hand, this could be interesting for sellers on the second-hand market, prices will remain high, they could even increase for certain devices in high demand.

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