So you can preview Google Chrome links on Android phones

The Google Chrome browser has recently been updated, which means improvements, new features and tools, albeit to a minimal extent, They have reached what is considered the most used browser on the internet. Among them we have al panel lateral de Chromebut there is more.

And speaking of new features, Android mobiles will now be able to enjoy the tool to preview pages, in order to see a first image of these and then decide whether to enter or not.

Since there are so many pages and links that a user usually enters first on the Internet, a tool like this, which serves to preview these pages, is more than interesting. Not only is the fact that by taking a simple glance you can prevent wasting time locating the page you are looking for, but also you will avoid falling into some dangerous link or something like that.

As for the tool itself, it is simply a small window that will be displayed on your mobile screen. Inside this, you will have a preview of what the link itself is that you want to access, also mentioning that if you see something that is not what you are looking for, simply click outside the link and nothing will have happened.

It is more than clear what this is about, so if you are interested in knowing how to see any Google Chrome link in advance and without having to enter the link, You will need to follow the simple steps that we will show you below.

– Open the Google Chrome app on your Android mobile.
– Perform a search on any topic you want, as you would routinely.
– Once the results are displayed, press and hold a link.
– Among all the options that will be displayed, click on the previous page O Preview.

As you may have noticed, a new mini window will be shown on your screen with the content of the link you chose. These types of functions seek to make your life easier on the internet, so it doesn’t hurt to thank you for this specific one and use it every time you need it.

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